Baki Davrak - the new name in Çukur!

Team Erdenet is building up!

Güle Güle, Cano! Cihangir Ceyhan Departs Show TV's 'Çukur'

While saying hello to one, we say goodbye to another team member of Show TV's beloved crime drama, Çukur.

Çukur: Episode 97 Recap - "Killing in the Name of Love"

When the hunter gets hunted...

A Shocking Farewell: Barış Arduç departs Show TV's Çukur

Barış Arduç says goodbye to Çukur and the role of Arık Böke Erdenet.

Çukur – Episode 98 Recap: A Shocking Farewell

You burn in the sun, we do in Çukur. - Wall Art

Çukur: Episode 95 Review - Indestructible Drama

“With or without me, Çukur finds a way of protecting its self.” – Yamaç Koçovalı

Çukur: Episode 94 Recap – "First Step in Forgiveness"

Destiny is not on sale so you could buy a good one - Çukur wall art.

Celebrating The Jubilee 100th Episode of Çukur!

Celebrating the 100th episode of Çukur, the phenomenon of a series, which has since made its mark on both the Monday ratings and the social media.