Sen Çal Kapımı: Season 1, Episode 20

Episode 20 (S01E20) is the twentieth episode of season one of "Sen Çal Kapımı." The episode aired on FOX on Saturday, November 28th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 211 users.


Serkan tells Eda that Alptekin was also negligent in the accident in which her parents' lives were lost. He left Eda due to this heavy burden ... Eda goes to face Alptekin. The person in charge of the subcontractor firm is served his sentence. What about the main person responsible for everything?

Not knowing what to do with what she learned, Eda leaves everything behind and goes away with the girls. Serkan, on the other hand, does not leave his house, does not meet with anyone or take care of his business during this period. The two lovers retreat to their own corners and think about what to do.

When Eda returns to the city, Serkan also gathers all her strength, leaves her house and tries to talk to her. Eda knows that his father's mistake is not Serkan's responsibility; however, he preferred to leave Eda instead of facing the issue. Serkan does not know how to have a relationship and will not be able to learn. Eda prepares a contract with Serkan on how to manage their business relationship and Serkan signs without reading. In this case, Aydan steps in. It includes both of them in the aid project for girls in need of education, carried out in the association. Aydan takes action to bring two lovers side by side and prevent them from breaking.




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