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Unassuming physics teacher Akif's homeroom is even more unruly than usual when he suddenly announces, "from now on you are my hostages." With Akif’s touch of a button, a violent explosion separates their classroom from the rest of the school. Akif informs his students that there are many more bombs stashed throughout the school, and, now that he has their attention, he intends to give them one final "lesson in humanity". The teacher will keep his class hostage until they face the truth behind the death of their classmate Rüya, a popular student-athlete who seemed to have it all until everything came crashing down following multiple scandals. This rapid rise and fall ended with the young girl’s death. As the students slowly uncover the background of their classmate’s death and admit their own guilt, a growing crowd on social media follows along. Once the mystery is revealed, it is clear that the teacher's lesson is not just for his students but for the whole world — honesty, empathy and compassion remain the most important and powerful human values. For their last lesson as a class, Akif Erdem holds the students of his 12A class at the Küçükkuyu high school hostage and separates the class from the rest of the school using a bomb. The students and Akif will no longer be able to leave... and Akif the teacher asks the students a question, “Who one among you caused the death of fellow 12A student Kay Örnek?” There is only one way for the young people who have been taken hostage to get out of this situation: to tell the truth!
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Mar 04, 2020

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Mar 11, 2020

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Mar 18, 2020

S01E04 of Öğretmen


Mar 25, 2020

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Oct 11, 2020

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Oct 18, 2020

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Oct 25, 2020

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Nov 08, 2020

S01E09 of Öğretmen


Nov 15, 2020

Ilker Kaleli as Akif Erdem

Ilker Kaleli

Akif Erdem
Ceren Moray as Zeynep Talaslı

Ceren Moray

Zeynep Talaslı
Serhat Kılıç as Taner Arslan

Serhat Kılıç

Taner Arslan
Afra Saraçoğlu as Gizem Bozkurt

Afra Saraçoğlu

Gizem Bozkurt
Serkan Keskin as Yılmaz Öztürk

Serkan Keskin

Yılmaz Öztürk
Şerif Erol as Metin Yöney

Şerif Erol

Metin Yöney
Doğa Özüm as Rüya Örnek

Doğa Özüm

Rüya Örnek
Efekan Can as Tuğrul Demir

Efekan Can

Tuğrul Demir
Bensu Uğur as Selin Özbir

Bensu Uğur

Selin Özbir
Özgür Civelek as Fiko Güngör

Özgür Civelek

Fiko Güngör
Ezgi Gör as Nil Öğünlü

Ezgi Gör

Nil Öğünlü
Burak Can Aras as İsmail Çokçalış

Burak Can Aras

İsmail Çokçalış
Can Bartu Aslan as Çetin Taşkıran

Can Bartu Aslan

Çetin Taşkıran
Beran Soysal as Mahir Arat

Beran Soysal

Mahir Arat
Hasan Şahintürk as Kenan Talaslı

Hasan Şahintürk

Kenan Talaslı
Cansın Şenel as Simge Turgut

Cansın Şenel

Simge Turgut
Ruhi Sarı as Ziya Örnek

Ruhi Sarı

Ziya Örnek

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