Hercai: Season 3, Episode 16

Episode 16 (S03E16) is the sixteenth episode of season three of "Hercai." The episode aired on ATV on Sunday, January 10th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 9 users.


Hazar, who comes face-to-face with Dilşah, is in shock. He takes her to the village, but Zehra tells a big lie to Dilşah and makes her leave.

While Hazar is chasing after Dilşah, who disappeared just as quickly as she reappeared, Füsun, who thinks that she has strengthened her hands thanks to what she learned from Cihan, is in a good mood. However, she will be shocked by the big surprise that Firat prepared for them.

Meanwhile, when Miran reveals some facts about Cihan, things ger mixed up in the Şadoğlu mansion. Reyyan asks both Nasuh and Azize for an account of the past. While Miran takes his breath in front of Azize with the big lie told to him, he returns to the Şadoğlu mansion with Hazar. With this turn, nothing will be the same anymore.



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