Hercai: Season 1, Episode 4

Episode 4 (S01E04) is the fourth episode of season one of "Hercai." The episode aired on ATV on Friday, April 5th, 2019 and it has been marked as seen by 127 users.


Şadoğlu and Aslanbey mansions are on the edge. The news that Reyyan and Miran jumped into the river and disappeared hits Mardin. Now everybody wants to know if Miran and Reyyan are dead. Hazar, who refuses to believe his daughter Reyyan may be dead, is determined to find her! Miran, who jumps into the river after Reyyan in the blink of an eye, manages to save Reyyan. Now it's time to find a safe and secluded place where the two of them can stay together. Miran's only concern is to protect Reyyan, who tries to save time by letting everyone think they're dead. But there's one thing he doesn't know: after all the disasters he's been through, Reyyan doesn't want to stay in the same house or see Miranda's face. Miran hands Reyyan a gun, leaving her to decide the current status of their relationship: two lovers or two enemies!




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