Gönül Dağı English Episodes

Gönül Dağı

  • 2020 - Present
  • 1 Season
  • Drama Family
  • Running
  • Saturdays on TRT1
  • 120 Mins
It is a story of people who wholeheartedly live their legends, traditions, and values that have sunk into oblivion in cities. The characters in this dizi feel their love with their hearts while working and struggling tirelessly to live out their hopes and dreams. From their wedding parties to their mourners, to even their traditions, the people of Anatolia with all their sincerity will be put on full display in Gönül Dağı.
S01E01 of Gönül Dağı


Oct 17, 2020

S01E02 of Gönül Dağı


Oct 24, 2020

S01E03 of Gönül Dağı


Nov 07, 2020

S01E04 of Gönül Dağı


Nov 14, 2020

S01E05 of Gönül Dağı


Nov 21, 2020

S01E06 of Gönül Dağı


Nov 28, 2020

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