Gel Dese Aşk English Episodes

Gel Dese Aşk

Bahar, raised by her mother alone. When she learns that Barlas is her father, she goes to his office to meet him for the first time. However, Barlas throws her out of his office disrespectfully. Bahar meets with her father's business partner Murat by coincidence. Murat is impressed by Bahar's vibrance. After this point, love captures Murat and he will be in between the two women; his wife Yasemin and Bahar. He will sway from side to side constantly between Yasemin, the first love of his life, the mother of his children and the second spring of his life; Bahar (Spring). Bahar will do anything to protect her love, and make Murat forget about Yasemin, and Yasemin will do anything to maintain her family as it is. While Bahar tries to capture her only love Murat, Yasemin will start a new life without her husband. Yasemin starts a journey to find herself which she has lost in her marriage. This journey will not only effect Yasemin but everyone else around her. With the wind of Yasemin, the story will also change its phase. Nothing will be the same again.