Çukur: Season 2, Episode 1

Episode 1 (S02E01) is the first episode of season two of "Çukur." The episode aired on Show TV on Monday, September 17th, 2018 and it has been marked as seen by 60 users.


The Karakuzular Gang, led by Çeto and Mahsun, will start a new era in Çukur.

A period has closed in Çukur. Idris Koçovalı's words, "They think Çukur in Istanbul, but they do not know, Istanbul is in Çukur" echoes in the streets of the neighborhood, but there is no trace of those days.

While the state of the Koçovalıs, who lost strength and dispersed with an unexpected attack, is expected with great curiosity, the Karakuzular Gang, led by Çeto (Erkan Avcı) and Mahsun (Berkay Ateş), will start a new era in Çukur.

Cumali's also certain to take place as the oldest Koçovalı brother in this war, completely falling away from family and Sena. Yamaç will try to find a way how to recover and whether to fight to recapture Çukur. Saadet has lost all hope of Vartolu, while we await his next move with curiosity.

Nothing will be the same in Çukur in the new season.

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