Çukur: Season 1, Episode 33

Episode 33 (S01E33) is the thirty-third episode of season one of "Çukur." The episode aired on Show TV on Monday, June 11th, 2018 and it has been marked as seen by 54 users.


The storm will break out for the last time in the big season finale in Çukur and Çukur will be in the middle of Koçovalı and Vartolu. 

Idris Koçovalı, who suffered the greatest destruction of his life with the betrayal of his son Selim, will declare his defeat in this struggle and leave Çukur to Vartolu.

As Yamaç continues to fight, the wedding of Akşın and Celasun will be a breath of fresh air for the Koçovalıs.

In the season finale, where the tension will be high, the finale of each character of Çukur will cause great surprise fulfilled with tons of emotions... 

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