Çukur: Season 1, Episode 23

Episode 23 (S01E23) is the twenty-third episode of season one of "Çukur." The episode aired on Show TV on Monday, April 2nd, 2018 and it has been marked as seen by 54 users.


In Çukur, Elvis darkened his eyes and defied and kidnapped the Koçovalı women. Yamaç and Vartolu go crazy in the face of this dangerous move.

Elvis and his gang will not be idle for a second until they take Baykal. After the tough fight between the two sides, in which guns spoke, the women of the Koçovalı family will be saved by a surprise name. 

How permanent the cooperation between Yamaç and Vartolu will be will create a question mark in mind. 

This will be a farewell episode for one of Çukur's important characters...

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