Arıza: Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 2 (S01E02) is the second episode of season one of "Arıza." The episode debutted on Show TV on Sunday, September 20th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 66 users.


Ali Rıza cannot pull the trigger after receiving a phone call, which revealed that his family was taken hostage by Fuat Ersoylu. Halide, the only name trusted by both sides, resolves the increasing tension between the two sides. Halide's support by appearing at unexpected times affects Ali Rıza. Moreover, Halide's sharing of her own losses with him causes a rapprochement between the two.

Seeking a new way to hold an account of his sister's killers, Ali Rıza goes to Muzaffer. Muzaffer, who tried but failed to bring down the great criminal network led by the Ersoy people at the time, has a completely different offer for Ali Rıza. If he accepts this offer, Ali Rıza will go on an irreversible path. Halide, on the other hand, finds the necklace dragged from her neck by the murderers who murdered her family and pursues this clue, because whoever has that necklace has a finger in the massacre of her family. Ali Rıza takes action to deal a great blow to the city's biggest criminal organization.



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