Maraşlı Episode 7 Review

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Plot Summary

Celal and Mahur rush an unconscious Zeliş to the hospital where it is clear that she has been re-traumatized by the men in masks at the fair. Celal is devastated that she refuses to interact with him and turns her back to him when he tries to communicate with her. On a new page in their relationship, he breaks down in the hospital hallway in front of Mahur and tells her that the pain of Zeliş being cold to him is worst than any pain he has ever experienced. She tells him not to lose hope that Zeliş will get better. It is obvious that he isn't used to sharing his pain with anyone and quickly reverts to his gruff self and tells her that she can go. 


Mahur however is determined to be there for him and tries to dissuade him from going after and killing Savaş, stating that she doesn't want him to go to prison and that Zeliş needs her father. Celal will not be swayed and lets her know that he is going after Savaş.

Ilhan is beside himself and unable to process that Ozan has betrayed him and that he has signed away the family company to Savaş. He goes over to Ozan's to kill him, or at least threaten to kill him, but gets knocked over the head by Dilşad. He ultimately has to concede that he has made a huge mistake and that he must go along with Savaş as head of the company, and try and keep that fact from his father. 

After a conversation with her brother Necati, Mahur tells Celal that Ömer married a nurse when he was in prison. They figure out that she is still alive and visit her in the care home that she lives in as she has dementia. She mentions that her son is allergic to the sun, they realize that she must mean Savaş and that he is Omer's son.

Celal takes Savaş hostage and brings him to a factory roof, where under the afternoon sun and undressed to the waist, he questions him. That is until the shady Grey Room female agent and a small army of men kidnap Celal and bundle him into a van.

Episode Analysis

The Plot

This was a fast-moving episode and they are fleshing out some of the backstories of characters and giving us some answers to the multitudes of questions that we have over the six previous episodes. The overlaying themes this week were revenge and loneliness.

We now know what Savaş's motivation was to acquire Türel Airlines and also that he has a personal agenda to take revenge for the murder of his father Ömer. It was slightly disappointing that the reason for the need for airlines was to smuggle drugs, which seems slightly mundane for this story, but it's the most reasonable scenario. How the death of the prosecutor fits into the story and who is behind the attack that injured Zeliş remain a mystery, however. Savaş seemed genuinely unaware of the attack until his henchman brought the newspaper article to him in last week's episode. But if it was also meant to kill the same prosecutor,  it seems reasonable to expect that it is the same people that are interested in him being dead.

Celal is a little bit off the rails this week with Zeliş mental state deterioration, and it seems like he is acting more on his initiative to kidnap and kill Savaş as we see the Grey Room people come and collect him before he can take his revenge on Savaş. Celal is beside himself at the regression of his daughter and Savaş has made a serious error in trying to provoke him. Celal taking out his entire security team without much effort should give him pause to not underestimate him again and he even says that he should have just killed Celal when they first met. Celal has questions for him about the attack on Zeliş and the Türel family, he doesn't get his answers other than Savaş found out about Zeliş from the newspaper article that Celal had in his bookstore. Celal doesn't believe that Savaş is only motivated by revenge for his father's death, but before he can get any more out of him he is taken by the Grey Room people. Why did they take Celal, was Savaş going to tell him something they didn't want him to know or, were they just afraid that Celal would kill him and they need Savaş in play to get to whoever is above him?

The Players

Celal is overcome with despair at the state of Zeliş and is determined to make Savaş pay for his 'joke'. The scenes between Celal and Mahur reinforce the bond that the two of them share and we were privy to a softer side of Celal, who has a poet's heart. He states that this is the worst pain he has ever experienced. Mahur is gentle with him and offers a touch of the hand as comfort, and refuses to leave him alone. We see developing feelings on both sides, but perhaps more strongly in Mahur, regardless of how much she protests to her brother otherwise. 

It's becoming obvious that Celal is new to the kind of work that the Grey Room people do, as he stumbles in the training and has emotional outbursts with some of their questions. Is he involved because he was there for the shooting and has some insight? It is not usually the case that people who are victims of a crime are allowed to investigate the crime. His relationship with Zeliş should have discounted him from being in the investigation. Why are they allowing him into their organization? He also seems to have a side set of men who are loyal only to him, likely from his special forces days. Did they bring him in because they knew he was going to investigate anyway and decided to try and control him?

Mahur is calmer this week and was good in the crisis at the fair. It was nice that she had more to do than being rescued and be distraught in this episode. She is upset that Zeliş also won't interact with her either, she has grown very fond of the little girl and even relays her medical history to the emergency room doctor when Celal is too upset to do so. She rises to the occasion of helping Celal and is also being smarter about investigating the Ömer murder in her own family. She goes to Necati to ask about Ömer and even provides some old pictures. Necati is cagey about what he remembers and it isn't hard to imagine that he knows more than he is telling. 

Mahur tries to prevent Celal from killing Savaş and goes hunting for him when he takes Savaş from their house at gunpoint. She ends up at the hut where he took her to meet up with all his old friends where it's obvious just an old fishing hut and not the restaurant that she thought it was. It seems now that his 'bad sense of direction' in getting there last week was a ruse to give his men time to set it up as a restaurant. She now knows that he's keeping something from her.

Savaş was slightly less interesting this episode, now that we know what his goals are and he is seeming more like your garden variety psychopath bent on revenge for his father's death. It's a very common theme in every mode of storytelling and it does take the shine off his character a bit. In the first flash of humanity that we have seen in him, he appears to be fond of his mother and protective of her. He appears to be unaware of who Celal is beyond Mahur's bodyguard and Zeliş but after witnessing his kidnapping he is likely to be more interested in what he s truly after and who is backing him. 

Necati seems to know more about Ömer death than he is letting on. Last week he told Behiye, the maid, that she was a good person regardless of who her parents were. This week he looked uncomfortable at Mahur asking too many questions about Ömer. It's easy to imagine that because he is the oldest sibling and was around when Ömer was still alive, that their mother might have said something to him as a child. After watching the first fragman, it seems now that Necati is Aziz's son and may have been the one to kill Ömer, another twist we did not see coming. 

Necati comes to know that Behiye has fallen in love with him and in his usual oration to the household staff in the kitchen he declares that he doesn't believe in love, that it's just physical passion and will pass. It's his way of gently letting her down without having to acknowledge her feelings or tell her that he doesn't feel the same. 

Ilhan has learned just how untrustworthy a friend Ozan was and is unable to figure out how to get himself out of the deal with Savaş. He has no good plays and seems resigned that he has lost. Will he be able to go along with the drug smuggling that will be taking place on their planes and will he ultimately decide to kill Ozan?

The three sibling's conversation was very sweet and it seems unlikely that either of the brothers was the one to okay the death of Mahur. Ilhan very desperately wanted to confide in his siblings about the mistake he has made but was interrupted. Mahur learned some important tidbits of information from Necati, that led her and Celal to find Savaş's mother. Hard to know if Necati intended this or he didn't think they would have the resources to find her or isn't involved in any of this and it was an innocent revelation. 

Aziz can see that his world may be starting to unravel, he very clearly threatened Sadyk the chauffeur, and he doesn't even yet know of the sale of controlling interest of his company to Savaş.

Shirin, Celal's housekeeper, and substitute mother-figure is more involved in the story than she appears, is she a part of the Grey Room team sent to be a mole in Celal's life? It seems very possible, although she's pushing hard for a romance between him and Mahur so maybe not? Is she the one who tipped them off about Celal's plans for Savaş?

The Romance

Celal is becoming aware of Mahur's feelings for him and I think he would reciprocate if he wasn't so focused on his mission. He listens to her and values her opinion but will not let her dissuaded him from getting rid of Savaş. She is there to comfort him in the hospital and this emotionally as close as they have been up until this point. 

At the end of the episode, she is given a clue that he might not be being completely honest with her, and this may put a damper on this relationship. Burak Deniz and Alina Boz have good chemistry together and it's apparent that Celal's solid, stoic demeanour is attractive to Mahur. 

The Comedy

Not much in the way of comedy this week, a few pithy lines like when Savaş is convinced that Maraşlı has a sniper rifle trained on him Celal says 'You watch too many films.'

This Week's Crazy Theory

Nothing too crazy this week, the fragman ruined my idea of Necati also being Ömer's son and maybe teaming up with his half-brother. If the fragman is to be believed is appears as if Necati was the one to have killed Ömer. If it's true, he must have been very young and would explain why he has become an alcoholic. 

My one theory is that the recordings that Celal makes are for Zeliş, he wished her a happy birthday one last week. He talked to the Grey Room people about loneliness and he said that loneliness isn't the problem it's being forgotten, are the tapes his way of making sure that she doesn't forget him?

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