Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Selim Bayraktar

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Abbas Demirkan - Zümrüdüanka

THE PERFORMER | Selim Bayraktar
THE SHOW | Zümrüdüanka
THE EPISODE | Season 1, Episode 3 (Feb. 8, 2020)

Every show has that one character that’s just easy to hate. In FOX’s Zümrüdüanka, Abbas Demirkan (played by Selim Bayraktar) wears that title like a badge of honor. In the drama series, which has only aired 3 episodes, Abbas Demirkan’s theatrics have unexpectedly turned him into a fan favorite.

Abbas is the dizi’s villain, at least he is supposed to be, but watching him carry out his bad deeds, we somehow can not help but laugh – continuously.

In Zümrüdüanka, Abbas is thrust into the "head of the family" role after he plots to have his elder brother Adil killed in a bid to get his wife (in some traditionally Turkish families, post-wedding, even in death, the bride remains a full-time member of the family she married into).

Seeing as Adıl was the one that kept him somewhat in line, after Adıl’s death, Abbas turns his buffoonery up a couple of notches, in turn resulting in various fantastic scenes featuring the one and only Selim Bayraktar. From the actor’s non-stop pacing movements to the way, he acts out the words in the scripts provided to him, everything about the character Abbas is a fun-filled treat to watch.

Here’s the particular performance that won us over this week:

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