Dizilah’s Performer of the Week – Ayça Ayşin Turan

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ayca - zemheri

THE PERFORMER | Ayça Ayşin Turan
THE SHOW | Zemheri
THE EPISODE | Season 1, Episode 3  (Jan. 29, 2020)

It’s no surprise that this particular performance by our ‘Performer of the Week’ has made rounds on social media, anchored by praise from critics and fans alike.

An actress as incredible as Ayça Ayşin Turan in a drama by the incomparable Ay Yapim can only mean one thing: lots of tears built around a number of award-worthy performances.

Having spent the first few episodes suppressing her real feelings towards Ayaz, this week Firuze (Ayça Ayşin Turan) found herself face-to-face with Ayaz (Alperen Duymaz) for a long-awaited confrontation that boasted with raw-nerve acting by Ayça.

A place that used to be reminiscent of happier times soon turned gloomy when Firuze wiped the tears off her face and put on a brave girl cap as she walked down the stairs of what used to be her and Ayaz’s lover’s nest, ready to take on the man that shattered her heart into a million pieces. The emotion-charged words “Who are you? Who are you? How many faces do you have?” kickstarted the confrontation on a rather high note with Firuze effortlessly delivering a heart-wrenching window into life after dealing with heartbreak.

The highlight, though, was when Firuze's inner fierce woman jumped out and she let loose all her bottled up frustrations with Ayaz, resulting in her taking her anger out on him utilizing her hands as she screamed atop her lungs in a remarkably, heartbreaking moment.

With all that out of the way, Firuze still somehow found the strength to get straight down to the business of saving her father since learning Ayaz had a hand in his demise. As Ayaz was still trying to formulate his apology, Firuze had already rung up the prosecutor's office to let them know she had a witness named Ayaz, yani whether he liked it, or not.

As if we were not already wallowing in our sorrows, we are then shown flashbacks to the good times shared previously by the duo in the same nest. Seeing the parallels between Firuze literally kissing Ayaz's wounds in the past and her in the present day, drenched in her own tears due to his actions, left us feeling choked up.

SHOUTOUT | While we agree that Ms. Ayça could have delivered her performance as a soliloquy and still owned the scene, the stellar performance by her co-star Alperen Duymaz surely did not go unnoticed. His vulnerability and poignant performance melded with Ayça’s powerful top-tier performance provided great dramatic intensity to the scene.


WORTH A MENTION | Since its onset, Mucize Doctor has broken rating records time and time again and it’s really no surprise why. Last Thursday’s episode of the American series remake saw the team of doctors battling a virus outbreak that immobilized one of their own. The chaos of knowing that there was a communicable disease hanging over their heads elicited especially gripping performances by all of the show’s leads.

The episode – the show’s twentieth – was a refreshing reminder of why we fell in love with Turkish dramas to begin with but also a reminder of how little credit Turkish cast and crew are awarded for the masterclass job they do with their shows.  

Long story short, if Mucize Doctor isn’t on your watch list, you’re most definitely missing OUT!

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