What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes of Hercai

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The last two weeks has been tough on all dizi lovers. As you may know by now, most shows - sans TRT1 – have been on a two-week long mandated hiatus. The drought season is finally coming to an end next week, but before it does, the team behind hit series Hercai took some time out of their busy schedules to update on what to expect in coming weeks. 

During a livestream chat on January 10, Banu Akdeniz, one of the producers behind the smash series, answered some burning fan questions. 

Hercai returns a week from today (January 17) – In the interim, here's what we learned from Banu's chat (please be aware; content below this point includes major spoilers).

  • The character Zehra (played by actress Feride Çetin) will not be killed off the series. Fans had been suspecting this as a result of the announcement that Çetin would be leaving the series due to her pregancy (both in real life and on the show).
  • An upcoming episode of the show will feature a kissing scene – between the two leads? Who knows.
  • The much-loved scenes with the swing will be making a comeback really really soon.
  • The backstory of the character Harun (played by actor Ahmet Kayakesen) will be revealed in Episode 30 and don't expect the actor to be leaving anytime soon. That's right, Ahmet Kayakesen has been upped to a series regular. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, Dilsah (Miran's real mother) is dead – for real. She won't be making any appears, but that doesn't mean the ghost of her pasts won't haunt them nonetheless ;)
  • Miran will finally be learning so real and tangible secrets soon. What could they be acaba? 
  • Fun Fact: In Mardin where the show is filmed, there isn't internet so Ebru Şahin (Reyhan) and Akın Akınözü (Miran) were unavailable to chat. But hey, they did send a pre-recoded message to the fans <3


So more information via @hercaieng on Instagram:

  • Gonul will be learning the truth regarding if Firat is her real brother or not soon.
  • The door to introducing Reyyan's real father (remember while Zehra is her real mother, Hazar isn't her real father) is not entirely closed. 
  • A birthday celebration of one of the characters on the show is imminent (this is a great news, we need a bit of happiness).
  • To keep fans engaged all through the summer hiatus, the cast and crew are currently putting together a behind the scenes package. This would likely include never-been-seen before footage, bloopers, etc. 
  • Henceforth, fans will decide what hashtag will be used during the airings of weekly episodes.

Last but not the least but certainly the most exciting (kinda?)

  • If Hercai continues to top the ratings Friday, fans can expect a third season. That's right, another round of #ReyMir come September 2020.


That's it for now! Hercai returns January 17 at 8:00pm on ATV!  

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