'Saygı' - Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner to reunite in upcoming crime drama

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Exciting news! Very exciting news! Fan favourites from the now concluded drama Vatanim Sensin, are set to return to the screen together 2020. Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner known respectively for their roles as Leon and Hilal in Vatanim Sensin will star together in the upcoming spin-off series of Behzat Ç, which is titled Saygı

Announced earlier this month, Saygı will follow the character Ercüment Çözer (played by Nejat İşler) from the original series. For the people who never watched the original, Behzat Ç told the story of a police officer who was suspended by an organization that had been structured within the police force seven years ago.

In the spin-off (and original), which by the way was born from the abrupt end of the original, the character Ercüment Çözer is a very-well known psychopath, businessman and head of a criminal organization. 

Official Poster for Sagyi


Will the characters Kuzum and Daner will play remains unknown, we know that Saygı will air sometime in 2020 on digitial platform BluTV!

Kuzum and Daner's chemistry as HiLeon in Vatanim Sensin is still talked about till today, so we can only hope that their characters interract in a major capacity in their new roles.

HiLeonForever ❤️

UPDATE: The official synopsis for the spin-off is now available. Read below!

The protagonist of the story, Ercüment Çözer rebels against disrespect and rudeness that we tend to avoid, ignore and eventually forget. Ercüment Çözer is a sociopath obsessed with the idea of respect. However, this time, he is not alone on his obsessive journey. The young lovers Helen and Savas, who have just stepped foot into the real world, find themselves in the middle of difficult situations after being mistreated by a group of people and end up being responsible for a chain of murders that take place in Istanbul. The concept of disrespect instantly turns into a social and mediatic struggle between the two generations. As for the mediatic follow up, Turkey’s most famous morning show host, Hasret will undertake it, however, nobody knows that she is also about to take part in this journey on another level. By getting to the core of this obsession, we will be witnessing the reflection it has on society.

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