Production of Turkish Series Halted Due to COVID-19

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Turkey is following in the footsteps of Hollywood and prioritizing the health and wellness of its people, including the cast and crew of all entertainment productions – both those currently on-air and those in the process of filming their first episode.

Though Turkey was swift in containing the virus, closing its borders where it saw fit, reports of the virus reaching Turkey began last week and as of press time, Turkey has 18 confirmed cases, per Reuters.

Prior to the influx of announcements made about halting production altogether, journalists in the know reported that production companies were taking precautions, disinfecting regularly used sets as well as checking the temperature of cast and crew as they arrived on set.


Yesterday (March 15) may have been the turning point in the decision though, as cast, crew, and fans alike took to social media using the hashtag #SetlereAraVerilsin, to air their grievances about having to work under these circumstances.

It's important to note that unlike in most other countries, episodes of Turkish series are filmed right before the air (we're talking 1-2 weeks before air), so this decision will likely mean a lot of re-runs once the 1-2 episodes they already filmed air.

The shows affected by the virus so far include:

  • Hekimoğlu (production to be halted as of Wednesday)
  • Bir Annenin Günahı (was filming its first episode; production on hold)
  • Savaşçı (currently airs on FOX; production on hold)
  • Hizmetçiler (testing out a break as of March 17)
  • Mucize Doktor (production could stop as of Friday, March 20)
  • Zalim Istanbul (production to pause after filming Episode 37 on Wednesday)
  • 50 Metrekare (Netflix; was meant to conclude filming in April; production on hold)
  • Ramo (films in Adana, Turkey; production on hold)
  • Çukur (production suspended for a minimum of 1 week)
  • Yeni Hayat (original March 26 premiere date pushed indefinitely)
  • Babil (production suspended)
  • Yasak Elma (production suspended for a week)
  • Şampiyon (production suspended since March 12)
  • Payitaht Abdülhamit (production suspended)
  • Benim Adım Melek (currently airs on TRT1; production on hold)
  • Tutunamayanlar (currently airs on TRT1; production on hold)
  • Zümrüdüanka (production halted for one week as of March 22)
  • Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (production halted for two weeks)
  • Sefirin Kizi (produced to be halted as of March 25)
  • Kurulus: Osman (production currently halted)
  • Kuzey Yıldızı (production on break for 1 week)
  • Hercai (production halted for at least three weeks)
  • Gel Dese Ask (production halted after some unnecessary shenanigans)

*Hiatus could last up to two weeks!

TL;DR – The coronavirus SUCKS! But also remember to be safe and wash your hands çok çok well.


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