Production Begins For ATV's Latest Drama, "Maraşlı"

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It is that time in the season when the dramas that didn't make the September premiere cut, begin production. The latest addition to the upcoming productions is TIMS&B's drama, Maraşlı. This drama comes highly-anticipated as it has been in production for nearly over two years, if we're not mistaken. 

Now in production, Maraşlı is led by Burak Deniz and Alina Boz, with the brilliant Ethem Özışık (Poyraz Karayel, Söz) writing.

Production begins for 'Maraşlı'

The series' cast lineup also includes: Kerem Atabeyoğlu, Rojda Demirer, Ahmet Varlı, Cemil Büyükdöğerli, Abdül Süsler, Melis İşiten, Cengiz Sezgin and Neslihan Acar.

Maraşlı follows the story of the titular character, a retired soldier who, after leaving the Special Forces, opens up a second-hand bookstore. Maraşlı (Burak Deniz) is somewhat of a daredevil. He is brave, and he seeks out justice with the knowledge he has acquired through the years. The day Maraşlı's daughter, Zeliş, was shot, changes his life drastically. Maraşlı, whose only goal is recuperating his sick daughter back to life, cannot forget the great pain inflicted on her..

One day, the beautiful Mahur Türel (Alina Boz) enters Maraşlı's bookstore and that day, she involuntarily gets involved in an incident. Maraşlı saves Mahur's life and from that day onwards, their fates will be linked.

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