Özge Yağız Departing Daily Kanal 7 Series 'Yemin' (The Promise)

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Özge Yagiz - Yemin

Last year, because of the massive success of 'Yemin,' Kanal 7's daily series, the show was renewed for a third season before its second season even premiered. As of today, the series has gone on to air over 200 hour-long episodes and it has also been licensed to air in various countries.

Now the bad news: Özge Yağız, who stars as the lead actress in the melodrama has opted not to renew her contract for the show's third season. In other words, she will NOT be returning to the series.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, production on the show's second season was halted so the season concluded way earlier than expected. This means the last episode that aired is likely the actress' last one –– ever.

Özge Yağız saw her breakout role in Yemin as Reyhan, a naive country girl who promises to marry the frivolous son of old family friend Hikmet, after he reveals a terminal diagnosis.

Prior to Yemin, Özge Yağız starred briefly in another Kanal 7 daily drama, Adini sen koy.

Actresses who have moved on from daily dramas have gone on to star in major primetime dramas so we're excited to see what the future has in store for this young actress, who showed a lot of growth potential during her time as a Yemin cast member.


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