First Look: 'Maria ile Mustafa' coming soon to ATV

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If there is something we are really good at over here at Dizilah, it is putting people on to new and good shows. This particular show we're about to tell you about, we've been keeping up with it for well over a year now and we're so excited to finally have concrete information to share. 

Let's get into it. 

This brand new show, coming to ATV in the new season, is titled Maria ile Mustafa (Maria and Mustafa). Produced by NTC Medya (Sefirin Kizi), the show will be led by Hilmi Cem İntepe and Jessica May, and based on the storyline which we'll get into in a minute, these leads couldn't be any more perfect. 

Slated to start filming in the tourist hotspot Cappadocia this Friday, Marie ile Mustafa, which has nabbed seasoned director Faruk Teber (Iffet, Kardes Çocuklari), tells the love story of Maria who came to Turkey from Colombia and Mustafa, the heir of the prominent family of Ürgüp. This drama will bring to the screens a high level of tension, impossibility, and the great difficulties experienced during some people's own love story. 

There's more. The cast also includes the brilliant Tamer Levent (Istanbullu Gelin, Cesur ve Güzel), alongside Ezgi Çelik, Haki Biçici, Haldun Boysan and Hülya Gülşen.

"Maria ile Mustafa", an intense and exciting love story between a Turkish boy and a foreign girl will meet the audience soon on ATV.
watch_later Updated: Jun 30, 2020 14:33 pm (UTC)
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