'Her Yerde Sen' Licensed to air on Spain

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This year has been a seemingly good year for Turkish series in Spain. With the success of the previous series that have made it to Spain, Mediaset España’s Divinity has opted to license Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere I Go) to air in Spain. This is the first official sale for the series, which launched by Eccho Rights this year at MIPCOM.

Produced by the Red Arrow Studios company Karga Seven Pictures, Everywhere I Go follows Selin and Demir, who end up buying the same house from a family at war over the property. Not only do they end up sharing their dream home with an unwelcome stranger, they soon learn that Demir is the new investor in Selin’s company and her new boss. As they struggle to avoid each other in both their private and professional lives, a romance blossoms.

Speaking on the sale of the fan-favorite drama, Barbora Suster, head of Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights, said:

With nearly 20 Turkish dramas on air Spain, we don’t see this trend diminishing anytime soon. Everywhere I Go is a great title for Spain, offering the perfect mixture of romantic comedy and drama.

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