FOX's Latest Adaptation "Çocukluk" Sets Premiere Date

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With Bay Yanlış coming to an end this week, FOX has already found a replacement for its coveted Friday night spot. 

Çocukluk, previously titled Kimsesizler, will now air Fridays on FOX, with the first episode set to premiere this October.

The series, which is set to launch internationally at MIPCOM, is the Turkish remake of the popular Japanese series, Abandoned, followed the stories of a couple of kids facing life in an orphanage. After being abandoned by their families, the kids soon bond and create their own little family.

In the Turkish adaptation, Mahir Boztepe (Erdal Beşikçioğlu), left his whole life behind and opened the Ali Kaan Hope House, and has since ensured that every orphaned child who came to his house from the first day found the right family. The pain of Mavi (Beren Gökıldız), Mozi (Kübra Süzgün), Bambi (Nilay Yeral) and Zeynep (Derinsu Akkuş), who share the same room in this nest, to find their families, the longing and disappointments they feel for their own families make them inseparable sisters. and this sisterhood will enable them to embrace life hand in hand and with hope. When the girls are desperate, their officer Ayşegül (Burcu Özberk) is ready to come to their rescue.

Çocukluk will premiere October 9, 2020 on FOX! 

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