First Look: Şeref Sözü on Show TV

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If there is one thing Tims&B Production gets right, it is Turkish dramas. Included in their latest slate is a new drama, entitled 'Şeref Sözü.'

Şeref Sözü, which is set for a Fall premiere on Show TV, leads this season with its gorgeous aesthetics and breathtaking shots set in Lebanon. 

Directed Cevdet Mercan and penned by Eda Tezcan, the series' cast includes Tolgahan Sayışman, Sude Güle, Hülya Darcan, Aras Aydın, Öykü Çelik, Meltem Gülenç, Umut Kurt, Toprak Sağlam, Bülent Düzgünoğlu, Mert Yavuzcan, Hülya Şen, Nazlı Çetin, Sıla Korkmaz, Begüm Alınca, Sahra Gümüş, and Görkem Türkeş.

A first in Turkish series history, a 480 thousand M2 island was transformed into a giant plateau for the set of the series. 

Arousing curiosity on social media, details remain under wraps for Şeref Sözü but from the little we've seen from the trailer, a dash of an impossible love story awaits us.

The story of a heroic man, a childhood dream carried over from the past to the present, of difficult lives in difficult geographies, of those who destroyed themselves and their surroundings while protecting their roots. The love for children, a story of impossible loves, of those who were saved from the brink of death; the story of “Ada Masalı” and of being honourable...

Şeref Sözü is coming soon to Show TV!


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