First Look: 'Öğretmen' on FOX

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It's been a while since we last watched a trailer that sent chills down our spine. Coming soon to FOX is a new adrenaline-driven series titled Öğretmen, which follows the story of a teacher who takes his students hostage, 10 days before they are scheduled to graduate.

The reason for his abrupt decision is clear – one of their fellow classmates, a favorite of his, commits suicide and he wants to narrow down her reason for doing so. 

From students to hostages


Öğretmen, which is slated to start in March, is a remake of a massively popular Japanese limited series, Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom, which aired in 2019.

While the details remain under wraps, we know from the original that the series spanned only a couple of days, with each character wearing the same outfit all through (as they are held hostage on their school campus).

As their anxious parents and the rest of the academic board wait for word on the outside, tensions rise within the classroom as the teacher threatens to kill each student for every wrong answer they provide with regard to the death of their classmate. 

This is a Turkish series with a message – a much-needed message – about the impact of bullying, on and offline. 

In the leading role is İlker Kaleli̇, whose role as Akif is sure to bring him much-deserved acclaim and accolades. From the little we've seen in trailers, Kaleli̇ performance is utterly gripping, in turn making him a brilliant protagonist.

He is to be joined in the series by Ceren Moray, Serkan Keskin, Şerif Erol as well as a slew actors playing students, the likes of Afra Saraçoğlu, Ezgi Gör, Ramazan Demir, Can Bartu Arslan, and many more.

While we anticipate the release, check out the trailer of the series below!

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