First Look: ATV's "Gençliğim Eyvah"

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ATV, which has brought many legendary series to the screens for years, has announced its latest production: Gençliğim Eyvah.

The highly-anticipated new series, which is produced by Süreç Film, is directed by Deniz Yılmaz and written by Ayhan Barış Başar and Ünal Yeter.

This series will make you laugh a lot!


A star-studded cast that includes Cengiz Bozkurt, Levent Ülgen, Günay Karacaoğlu, Ulviye Karaca, Elif Doğan, Ekin Mert Daymaz, Burak Tozkoparan, Erdem Kaynarca, Bahar Süer, Kemal Uçar, İpek Çiçek, Ecem Atalay and Beyti Engin will partake in the series about love, secret and intrigue revolving around two enemy kebabs of the same district: Urfalı Bozoğlu and Adanalı Asmalı Families. 

The countdown is officially on for this series, sure to bring a well-rounded story cloaked with comedy, romance, great secrets, awkwardly translated intrigues to the audience.

"Gençliğim Eyvah" is coming this summer to ATV!


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