Ariza: Season 1, Episode 6

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 As Halide announces to Ariza’s family that he is now one of the most ruthless people of the underworld, his mother demands an explanation.  Ariza tells her it’s not what she thinks but is not able to explain further.  Mrs. Rukiye tells Ariza if he can’t provide an explanation then he can no longer live in her house and demands that he leave.  

An upset Halide arrives home and questions her father.  She demands to know why he ordered Ariza to kill Sadi Aksoy.  Hasmet is surprised she knows who he is and tells her he is not justifying himself to her.   

Halide leaves and is found crying by the side of the road by Ariza who tells her he wasn’t able to give an explanation to his family but he wants to explain himself to her.  He tells her he didn’t really kill Sadi but can’t explain further but will show her something that may help explain what happened.  Ariza takes Halide to Sadi’s home.  He explains Sadi was investigating Behjet, the Aksoy family right-hand man, who was supposed to have been killed along with the Aksoy family.  Sadi had suspicions that he wasn’t really dead and was in the process of getting DNA testing.  Ariza tells Halide that he’ll help her get the results and find out if he’s alive and find out exactly who killed her family.  

Burak is up to his tricks trying to get Ariza in trouble with the consortium.  He’s been using Faik to convince Mert in doing bad deeds that would put him and Ariza in a bad situation with the consortium.  Faik had Mert steal money from Shevketa who works with Galip.    

 Hasmet gets a late-night visit from Salman.  He informs Hasmet that his clients are still expecting the weapons delivery that he promised or they will be coming after both of them within 3 days.      

Halide and Ariza have a heart to heart conversation.  Halide apologizes for the trouble she caused at his home.  Ariza tells her he understands she was trying to protect him but asks her to trust him.  Halide explains that she’s been disappointed by everyone who she’s trusted in the past.  They promise each other that she will attempt to trust him and he will not hide anything from her anymore.  As they share a sweet moment together, Ariza receives a call from Hasmet asking if he can go to his house first thing in the morning since he’s with Halide.  

The following morning, Halide and Ariza attempt to enjoy their first breakfast together however it’s interrupted by an urgent call from Hasmet requesting him to report to his house immediately.  Before he leaves, he reminds Halide to wait for him so they can continue with their search to locate Behjat.   

Galip locates Shevketa who informs him it was Ariza’s brother who stole his money.  Galip is furious and calls Fuat to request an urgent meeting with the consortium to discuss what Ariza’s brother did.  Fuat and Burak are elated that their plan to take out Ariza and Hasmet is working and can’t wait for the consortium to punish both of them.   

The consortium meets to discuss a betrayal amongst them.  They all agree that Ariza should be punished along with his brother however Hasmet asks that they first listen to what Ariza has to say.  Galip agrees and Ariza walks in with Faik which surprises Fuat.  Ariza informs Galip that Mert found out that he was being played by Faik and Burak.  Ariza tells them that Burak was planning on taking down Hasmet by using Galip.  This leaves the entire consortium in shock especially Fuat since his plan was found out.  They call Burak so he can be there to hear his side of the story and to get his punishment.  

When Burak arrives, he acts smug thinking that Ariza is the one in trouble until he finds out that his plan was discovered.  Galip tells both Ariza and Burak their ongoing feud is causing too many problems so their punishment will be to work together. The consortium moves on to the next topic which is the weapons delivery that Salman’s customer is still expecting within the next few days.  Ariza volunteers to look for the weapons that Sadi had already ordered.  The consortium agrees and assigns Burak to set up the delivery once Ariza locates the weapons. 

 Burak meets with his father after their meeting to question why Mithat supported him during the meeting.  Fuat doesn’t explain the reason but tells him Mithat will continue to support him but doesn’t provide an explanation.  Fuat tells Burak they need to prevent Ariza from locating the weapons so Salman’s client can come after him.  They need to do whatever it takes to find the weapons first.  Burak enlists Fiko to help him come up with a plan to get the weapons from Ariza.  

Ariza updates Muzaffer on his meeting with the consortium.  He tells him he needs his help in locating the weapons from Sadi’s supplier or both he and Hasmet will be in trouble with Salman’s client who is expecting delivery in a few days.  Muzaffer is upset that Ariza continues to draw attention to himself but reluctantly agrees to help.  

Hasan takes Halide to speak to Behjat’s wife.  She’s reluctant at first to speak with her but eventually tells her that he’s alive after Sadi did a DNA test that confirmed it.  Halide asks her if she’s seen him or know where to locate him but she lies and says no.  As Halide is leaving, the wife tells her that she will tell her where she can locate Behjat but for a price. 

 Ariza and Hasmet meet to discuss their plan for locating the weapons.  Ariza informs Hasmet the supplier is Mikhail Olic.  Hasmet isn’t familiar with him so he sends Sabri along with Ariza to find him and attempt to make a deal.  Before Ariza leaves, Hasmet asks him about Halide but Ariza doesn’t tell him what she’s up to.  He explains that Halide has confided in him and has sworn to keep her secrets.   

Behjat calls Murat to inform him that Halide is searching for him.  Murat tells Burak who had no idea Murat didn’t kill him 8 years ago.  Murat tells him he couldn’t do it when Behjat started to beg for his life.  So instead he gave him money to buy a new identity and start a new life.  Murat asks him to help him and Burak uses this opportunity to justify why he had Halide’s necklace.      

Halide visits her aunt to ask if she can stay with her for a few days since she got into an argument with her father.  Halide and Derya talk about Burak.  Derya informs Halide that their parents want Burak and Derya to get married.  Halide is stunned and tells her it’s a crazy idea and that they won’t be able to convince Burak to do it.  Derya becomes upset thinking that Halide is jealous when she’s only thinking of Derya’s safety.  Halide is even more surprised that Derya is OK with the idea even though she knows how crazy Burak is.  Derya claims that she’s the one who makes him like that using both Ariza and Burak against each other so they can fight for her.  Halide tells her to do what she wants without dragging her into her mess and leaves but not before she gets another call from Burak who tells her he needs to speak to her right away about her necklace.  Halide rushes to meet Burak who lies to her about how he got her necklace.  He says Sadi’s cousin had the necklace and he took it from him and was planning on giving it to her during her father’s birthday party but he didn’t get the chance after she left early.  He claims he held on to the necklace for so long without telling her because he wanted her to fall in love with him for him and not because of the necklace.  

 Ariza and Sabri find Mikhail who does not agree to make a deal for the weapons until Ariza threatens him.  Mikhail takes them to his warehouse however both Sabri and Ariza are wary of the quiet and dark location.  As soon as they’re halfway down the pathway, they realize it’s a trap and take cover as bullets start flying everywhere.  Ariza’s partner’s in crime, Hasan, Fatih, and Ferit, are also there to help take out the bad guys.  Once they’re safe, they find the weapons in the warehouse and Ariza calls Hasmet to update him on the situation and leaves Sabri to watch the weapons.  

Hasmet calls both Burak and Ariza to his home.  Before Ariza arrives, Hasmet warns Burak to stop telling Halide about what happens during their consortium meetings or he will regret it.  Burak tries to tell Hasmet that he only did it to save Halide because Sadi attempted to hit her.  Hasmet tells Burak the only person who can protect Halide aside from him is Ariza which infuriates him.  At that moment, Ariza arrives.  Hasmet informs Burak the weapons are ready so he can prepare the delivery.  Burak is surprised but congratulates Ariza for locating the weapons so quickly even though he says it in a condescending manner.  

Burak arrives at his house to find Mithat and Melek with Fuat and his wife waiting for him to celebrate the good news that involves him.  Burak is weary since both of their families don’t normally get along.  Fuat informs Burak that Mithat has agreed that Burak and Derya get married.  Burak is left speechless.  He reminds them that he’s in love with Halide and attempts to leave but Fuat yells at him and tells him that he will do what he has to for the family.   

Halide and Ariza meet later that night by the shore.  Halide tells Ariza that she’s ready to tell him the importance of the necklace.  She says the night that her mother and brothers were killed was because they were all returning from a concert where she sang.  She blames herself for what happened since they were there because of her.  She tells Ariza that Fatih found her necklace after Nihan’s wedding and the last time she saw it was when it was ripped off her neck after her family was killed.  After viewing the videos of the wedding night, she saw that it fell out of Burak’s pocket.  Ariza tells her they need to tell Hasmet but Halide refuses.  She recounts the story Burak told her earlier which she doesn’t know if she should believe.  Ariza tells her that he’ll help her in whatever she decides to do to get the weight off her shoulders.   

Burak visits Derya to see how she feels about their parent's plan to marry them.  He’s surprised to find out that she’s OK with it.  He explains that the only person he loves is Halide.  She tells him that they would make a great couple and he’ll realize that she makes a better partner for him soon.  Burak doesn’t agree and tells her that he will always love Halide.  

Burak continues with his plan to ruin Ariza.  They find out where they have the weapons stored so he gets his men to break into the warehouse and exchange the weapons with toy guns.  Burak even has the audacity to take photos outside while they complete their mission.  

 The following day, Halide and Ariza visit Behjat’s wife who gives them his address in exchange for money.  Ariza attempts to go without Halide to make sure it’s safe however Halide refuses and says she’ll always be safe when she’s with him.  They arrive at Behjat’s work which turns out to be a nightclub.  When Behjat realizes it’s Halide, he orders his men to attack them but Ariza is able to defend himself with the help of Halide.  They find Behjat hiding in his office and force him to talk.  Halide asks him who killed her family.  Behjat tells her it was Sinan Cengiz and Musat that was responsible.  Those were the same names he gave Fuat which is why he helped him and bought him a new identity and faked his death.  Halide shows him the necklace and asks if he’s seen it before.  He says yes that Rusfet Aksoy had it.  After Halide and Ariza leave, Burak comes out and tells Bahjat he did a great job lying to them before he kills him.  

The day arrives for Salman to inspect the weapons before the delivery is set.  As Hasmet, Burak, and Ariza wait for Salman to check the merchandise, Salman pulls out a toy gun from one of the boxes and asks if it’s a joke.  Hasmet yells at Sabri who checks another box and also finds more toy guns.  Salman stands in front of Ariza and warns him that the only place they will write his name is on a tombstone.  

The best part of this episode for me was when Halide helped Ariza during the fight scene in the club by smacking a guy with her purse – fearless!  She makes the perfect crime-fighting partner.  This episode also moved the relationship between Halide and Ariza to another level making them closer but not yet romantic.  Until next week!  

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